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Our Governors (Original)

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Reconstituted 26/02/2015

15 governor places:
Headteacher 1
Staff 1
Appointed by the London Borough of Lewisham 1
Elected parents of pupils attending the school 3
Co-opted 9



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Children, Families & Community Committee (from 1.9.19) – Chair: Hannah Martin
Resources Committee (from 27.2.20) – Chair: Rosie Murray-West
Teaching & Learning Committee (from 1.9.19) – Chair: Tracey Butler-Wright


Curriculum Committee (to 23.7.19) – Chair: Tracey Butler-Wright
Finance Committee (to 27.2.20) – Chair: Hannah Martin
Pay and Staffing Committee (to 27.2.20) – Chair: Rosie Murray-West
Premises Committee (to 27.2.20) – Chair: Ruth Jenkins

Pupil Discipline / Staff Discipline / Staff Discipline Appeal / Pay Appeal / Complaints Committee

These committees meet as and when required, with a minimum of three eligible governors to be drawn from a pool of all members of the Governing Body, subject to availability and lack of conflicts of interest and having regard to the need for the Committee to be balanced in terms of gender and race as far as possible.

Click here to see governor attendance at meetings. Minutes of governing body meetings are available on request from the school office.

Click here for the Register of Business Interests.

Click here for the governors’ code of conduct.

Clerk to the Governing Body:  Ms Damaris Dodds, c/o Dalmain School