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Starting School - Nursery

We welcome children to Dalmain's Nursery from 3 years old. We accept September, January and April new starters, depending on when your child turns 3. Please contact our School Office for more information. 

“Our daughter absolutely loves Dalmain’s Nursery. It is her favourite place! So much that she is desperate to arrive every morning, and even asks to go to nursery at the weekend. We can see what a nurturing environment the nursery is. The staff always have so much energy and show such genuine warmth and care for each of the children, it really is heart-warming to see. Our daughter has learnt so much there. Ms Reid and her team are extremely dedicated, and the curriculum covered is varied, hands on and above all fun for the children. As parents, we couldn’t hope for any more in a nursery and feel so happy leaving our daughter in Dalmain Nursery’s care every day.” 
"My youngest son joined Dalmain Nursery in September and he absolutely loves it. The staff are experienced and nurturing and their child centred learning style really suits him. He can now confidently talk about his emotions and knows how to calm himself down. The children have weekly forest school in the wildlife garden. The children have been observing life cycles of frogs and butterflies as well as having a good dig and getting muddy! I feel so fortunate that my son is in this safe and nourishing setting, giving him the best start. I only wish my eldest son had gone to Dalmain Nursery."
“Both of my children went to Dalmain’s Nursery and loved it from day one. The children are treated as individuals, and there is an excellent balance between helping them learn and develop, and keeping them safe and loved. The outside space is fun and varied, and the inside space is too, whether it's being a classroom, a grotto, a dance party, a shop, a science lab, a greenhouse, a paint studio, a library or a spaceship. The team have created a fun, welcoming and nurturing space, and I would recommend it without question.” 


Please see below for information about starting in Dalmain Nursery in September 2024 or January / April 2024. Before your child starts Nursery they need to be toilet trained and out of nappies and trainer pants.

Please click the below link for information relating to 30 hour entitlement:

Or contact us at for more information.