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Friends of Dalmain

Friends of Dalmain (formerly the Dalmain Home/School Association) was founded to provide a link between home and school.  It works in a variety of ways to strengthen connections between all members of the school community and provide opportunities for parents and staff to enrich all aspects of school life.

As parents and carers we are all automatically members of FoD and we would like to take this opportunity to participate as much as you can.  United, we are a powerful force which can have a significant and positive impact on our children’s experiences at Dalmain.

The main activities of FoD are:


Raising funds through events such as the Summer and Christmas Fairs and regular cake sales enable us to contribute financially to the school.  FoD funds lots of little extras throughout the year which enhance the learning experiences of our children.  We have a funding system which enables school staff, parents and children to put in requests for support and bids are considered by a panel made up of parents, children and staff.


The social events that we organise are a great opportunity to come together and have fun. Our fairs provide the chance for the whole school community to participate in an entertaining and fun day and our themed cake sales are a great way to finish off each half term.  We also hold regular social events and quiz nights. School life provides strong common bonds between us all and joining together in celebration is an important part of strengthening the links we have.


As a group of parents and carers we have a strong and vital voice and FoD can help to provide a forum for us to express and present our views. Our opinions and comments are taken on board when decisions are being made by the school leadership team.

You do not need to have any specific skills or experience to contribute and take part in FoD.  Everyone is always welcome at FoD meetings and you can contact us directly at, or by leaving a note at the office or grabbing any of us in the playground.  Alternatively, find your class rep, who can tell you more.


We are currently recruiting for the following roles within FoD. If you are interested, please let us know at or you can have a chat with us in the playground.

Co-Chair: This role would support the Chair in overseeing all activities and communications with the community, organising and leading meetings, communicating regularly with the head teacher, delegating tasks, managing the gmail account and responding to emails where possible.
Co-Treasurer: This role would support the Treasurer in running the finances of FoD. This includes managing floats at fairs and events, collecting cash at events and banking it, monitoring income and making payments, making applications for gift aid and reporting on FoD’s financial position at the AGM.
FoD website manager: This role would involve attending committee meetings, and ensuring the FoD website is kept up to date on all activities, minutes and communications.
Social Media Manager: This role would involve ensuring all relevant communications are posted on all social media platforms.
Fair Coordinator: This role would involve planning and leading the organization of the Summer and winter Fayres, in close communication with and overseen by the FoD committee.
Sponsorship support: This role would support the sponsorship lead in communicating with potential sponsors, collecting Raffle prizes from local businesses and posting "thank you" messages to those businesses via social media.

Thanks so much for reading

Natascha Bisarre
Chair of the Friends of Dalmain


Cake sales

10 February 2023 

31 March 2023      

26 May 2023     

21 July 2023


Second hand uniform

13 January 2023            

24 February 2023       

21 April 2023    

9 June 2023


Coffee morning 

6 January 2023

3 February 2023           

3 March 2023   

5 May 2023      

7 July 2023