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Friends of Dalmain


The Friends of Dalmain was founded to provide a link between home and school.  It works in a variety of ways to strengthen connections between all members of the school community and provide opportunities for parents and staff to enrich all aspects of school life.

As parents and carers we are all automatically members of FoD and we would love you all to participate as much as you can so we can make a significant and positive impact on our children’s experiences at Dalmain.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise funds through flagship events such as the Summer and Christmas Fairs, other fundraising activities and regular cake and uniform sales which enable us to contribute financially to the school. FoD funds lots of little extras throughout the year which enhance the learning experiences of our children. We have a funding system which enables school staff to put in requests for support and bids are considered by a wider panel of FoD members.


Who We Are

Our committee consists of some official members, but behind the scenes we have the support from a fantastic group of unofficial committee members who help us with specific tasks as well as the parent community of Dalmain.

The elected FoD members are:

  • Jocelyn Turner Chair: Joss has children is Year 2 & 4
  • Amy Fox Co-treasurer: Amy’s children are in Year 4 & 3
  • Miriam Walden Co-treasurer: Miriam’s son is in Year 2
  • Katie Whitney Fundraising events lead: Katie’s children are Year 2 & 4
  • Daniela Schichor General member: Daniela has children in Year 2 & 4
  • Anna Stern General member: Anna’s daughter is in Year 1
  • Zori General member: Zori has children in Yr 2 and Reception.

Unofficial members:

  • Hannah Webspar; External sponsorship and fundraising, Hannah’s son is in Year 2
  • Philip McGonigal; Library refurb and Event food lead, Phil’s son is in Year 2
  • Natacha Bisarre; EcoFoD committee link, Natacha’s son is in Year 1
  • Natallia Tanko (Tonka); EcoFoD Lead,Tonka’s sons are in Year 4 & Year 1 & Year 4


Eco-FoD was started by Natacha and Tonka to provide members of FoD opportunities to support the school with a focus on nature. The idea stemmed from a passion to help support the school in delivering a valuable space for outdoor play with real interaction with nature within the school grounds.

If you are interested in supporting these ideas please get in touch with FoD via email or social media.

We are actively looking for anyone who has good knowledge of gardening who would be keen to help with one or two gardening events per year, on the school grounds. If this sounds like you please get in touch!

How You Can Get Involved

In order to deliver exciting events and creative activities, we’re always looking for more help. We understand that people have busy lives and the prospect of taking on a formal FoD role might seem daunting. However, there are different ways to get involved with FoD.

If you have some time to support short-term projects or if you have specific skills you can offer us on an occasional basis that’s brilliant too!

On the committee itself…

  • We have a chair but the role works really well shared between two people, particularly since Jocelyn has been doing it a year and knows her way around a bit.
  • Anyone with writing, social media or event planning skills would be welcomed with open arms…

Or just in general…

  • Bake for the bake sales, or help set up, sell or pack away
  • Uniform sales - help tidy the cupboard, or set up, sell or pack away. See the pdf below for more info about uniform sales
  • Hunt down or applying for any grants that could help the school
  • Plan an event like a quiz or concert with our admin help backing you up
  • Come to a coffee morning to share your ideas (dates below)
  • Help us keep the website up to date if you’re good at that
  • Help find or donate raffle prizes
  • Use your unique skills to run a specific stall at a fair (Photography booth? Carrot recorder making? Face painting? Paper snap bomb making?)

If you’d like to find out more about getting involved, please see below for ways to contact us.

Get In Touch!

There are several ways to get in touch. We’re a friendly bunch and always up for a chat in the playground or you can ask your class rep to drop us a whatsap.

You can email or visit our social media sites.

Click here for Facebook

Click here for Instagram

Thanks so much for your support,

Your Friends of Dalmain Committee



Projects FoD funded in 2022-23

  • Project Playground - Calm area
  • Reading sheds
  • New pond for the wildlife garden

Other smaller expenditure initiatives

  • Nursery school trip coach hire
  • KS1 Father Christmas gifts
  • KS2 end of year school discos
  • Support to the Yr 4 and Yr 6 residential trips

Events Coming Up

Friday 1st December coffee Morning
Tuesday 5th December Wreath Making Class
Wednesday 20th December Cake sale
Friday 26th January Quiz night
Friday 2nd February Coffee morning
Friday 9th February Cake sale
Friday 1st March Coffee Morning
Thursday 7th March World book day
Friday 22nd March Music night
Thursday 28th March Cake sale
Friday 19th April Summer uniform sale
Saturday 20th April London mini marathon
Friday 3rd May Coffee Morning
Friday 24th May Cakes sale
Friday 7th June Coffee morning
Friday 21st June Own clothes day
Saturday 29th June Summer Fair
Friday 5th July Cofee Morning
Wednesday 17th July KS2 disco
Thursday 18th July KS2 disco
Friday 24th July Cake sales
Friday 20th December Cake sale  

What we’re funding (so far) in 2023-2024

  • Project Playground - Climbing frame

Expenditure 2022-23

  • Project Playground - Calm Area: £13,530
  • Reading sheds: £1,628
  • Wildlife garden pond: £3,235
  • Other: coach for nursery trip, Christmas gifts for fair