Welcome to Dalmain Primary School

Dalmain Primary School is a popular, thriving school in South East London with an ethos of hard work, respect and fairness.

We serve a culturally rich and diverse multi-ethnic community and we celebrate this diversity in our curriculum and our school activities.  We have a strong focus on educational attainment, music, sport and the arts.

Open mornings

Our Headteacher Elizabeth Booth invites you to visit Dalmain School.

Open Mornings are held on the second Wednesday of each month during term time. The next one is scheduled for Wednesday 20 May 2015 at 9.15am. (This date has been rescheduled due to Year 6 SATs)

If you would like to attend an Open Morning, please contact the school office by calling 0208 699 2675 or emailing info@dalmain.lewisham.sch.uk



We are encouraging children and their parents or carers to leave the car at home and give walking a go.  Walking to school is a brilliant way to get active and healthy.

It’s also a great opportunity for children to learn vital road safety skills and make sure they’re alert and ready to learn at the start of a new day.

Even a small journey can make a huge difference in terms of Carbon emissions – a 5 minute walk will save 76g of CO2 (the equivalent of a standard light bulb on for 2 hours!)

Enjoy the sunshine and walk to school!

For more information about national Walk to School Week, please visit www.walktoschool.org.uk

Follow the for the Carbon buster calculator to see how much carbon your family have saved!

Walk to School week


What’s on this week?

18-22 May 2015


Monday: Recorder and Harmonica lessons

Tuesday: Brass, cello and djembe lessons

09.00 Image Musical Theatre  - Merlin and the Sword in the Stone
09.15 Open Morning
15.30 String Ensemble

Thursday: 09.30 Grosvenor class swimming
10.30 Diabate class swimming
16.00 Y3/4 Disco
17.30 Y5/6 Disco

Friday: Guitar lessons
11.30 Zimmerman class Philosophy
13.30 Baker class Philosophy

See full calendar


25-29 May 2015


Monday: Bank Holiday

Tuesday – Friday: Dalmain Pen Sports Camp


School News

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